Quality & Safety

Unprecedented Quality Standards

Hilong complies strictly by the terms of contracts to fulfill our commitment to service quality, to effectively control the entire product and service process, and to conduct every step of our work in accordance to meticulous quality standards, consistently meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

Quality Through Scientific Management

Hilong relies on scientific management and state-of-the-art quality assurance systems in the development of new technologies. This ensures that we are providing customers with the best products and services, and winning the trust and support of our customers allows us to continue enhancing market competitiveness.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Resolutely focused on operational improvements, service quality, and maximization of customer satisfaction, our operational philosophy is threefold: (1). Build the Hilong image through high-quality operations and services, (2). Capture the international market through trusted branding, and (3). Increase the beneficial results of our operations and enjoy ongoing sustainable development.

Our Policies

People First

People are our most valuable asset, and respecting and valuing our employees in all of our operations is a fundamental principle at Hilong.

Health First

Our company depends on the lives and health of employees for survival and development, so we are committed to enhancing labor protection and preventing occupational health problems.

Safety First

The safety of our employees' lives and our company property is connected to our image and long-term development, so we take all preventive measures to avoid possible breaches of safety.

Environment First

It is our duty and obligation to minimize any adverse environmental effects of our operations and to continually improve working and living conditions. We aim to lead our domestic competitors in terms of environmental performance.