Servicing Shop

Hilong Abu Dhabi Servicing Shop

Hilong Petroleum Pipe LLC Abu Dhabi has a state-of-the-art repair shop equipped with brand new CNC machines/phosphating units and hardbanding machines. We also perform re-application of internal plastic coatings on used drill pipe.

All pipes arriving for repair are first thoroughly inspected. Once authorization is confirmed by the customer, we proceed with the repairs recommended by the inspection companies.

Connection Repair

The Hilong Abu Dhabi facility holds an APT 7-1 license and can recut/reface all API connections and HILONG premium drill pipe connections.

The newly formed threads undergo magnesium phosphate coating after machining, and the threads are protected with thread protectors as desired by the client.

Hardbanding Services

Hilong Abu Dhabi has outstanding expertise in applying hardbanding on new and used tool joint surface.

We use Hilong’s own Hardbanding wires (BoTn), and are also certified to use Castolin HB wires (OTW-13), Duraband, Arnco Wire Series (100XT, 150XT, and 350XT).